About the Electionnaire


The Electionnaire is a quiz that compares your views on 29 debated issues with the positions of the 31 main parties for the upcoming elections in November 2011. Once you complete the set of questions a concluding ranking shows how your answers match party programmes. You are, of course, not supposed to vote just according to this result. Rather, the tool is meant to offer you greater background information before you go to the ballot box.

Origin of Electionnaire

This concept is based on an increasingly popular idea that was first developed in 1989 by the Dutch Instituut voor Publiek en Politiek (IPP) under the name “Stem Wijzer” (voting guide). Since 1998 similar applications have gone online in various nations, mostly in Europe, but also in Asian countries including South Korea and Bhutan. Since 2005, Media in Cooperation and Transition (MICT) has produced Electionnaires for Iraq, Sudan, and Tunisia.

Egypt Electionnaire

In June 2011, ANHRI and MICT met with Egyptian civil society representatives to identify political issues relevant to the upcoming parliamentary elections. At the roundtable meeting in Cairo a set of these key issues were re-formulated as questions that were compiled in a questionnaire. This questionnaire was then circulated among the 31 main parties of Egypt. The answers were received by ANHRI and uploaded with the support of MICT to the Electionnaire software. These answers, which form the basis of the Electionnaire, reflect the positions of the respective political parties between July and September 2011. The party profiles and the summaries of key political issues and questions were compiled by ANHRI with the support of MICT.