Popular Oversight on Police Stations

Popular oversight on police stations involves having popular committees or representatives of civil society organisations monitor police dealings with citizens to ensure that any oppressive practices or cases of torture against citizens are exposed.

The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights submitted a request to the Public Prosecutor to investigate the torture of 900 citizens in detention centres during the period from 1993 to 2010. In its annual report, the Organization documented 701 typical cases of torture of citizens inside police stations, including 204 cases of death where strong indicators of torture and mistreatment exist.

Supporters of popular oversight on police stations believe that systematic oppressive practices of the police were among the main factors behind the outbreak of the Revolution. Thus, popular oversight on these police centres is a genuine guarantor for the disappearance of these practices.

Opponents of this view believe that popular oversight simply unpractical talk. Even if it were implemented, it would present an obstacle in returning the police to the ground in its full capacity and ability to control the streets.