The Virtue Party (Al-Fadyla)

The Virtue Party is a Salafist Party that was established in March 2011. The founding undersecretary is Engineer Mahmoud Fathy.

The the party's website is:


General political and economic orientation



Quotes from its founding statement:

"Recovering Egypt's leading role in both the Arab and Islamic world through leading developmental projects."

"Achieving the concepts of justice and equality amongst the Egyptian people regardless of their differences”

“Guarantee the fair distribution of wealth."

"Ensure the pursuit through the independent judiciary of all those who have committed or commit crimes against the Egyptian people."

"Ensure the independence of the media throughout Egyptian society while maintaining the nation's principles and moral values."

"Support the Palestinian cause and the Palestinian people's right to establish their independent country with Jerusalem as its capital."



About the Party

Amongst the party's members are: Engineer Mahmoud Fathy, Dr. Khaled Saeed a businessman from Cairo, Dr. Hossam Abo Al-Bokhary a physician from Mansoura,
Mamdouh Imam , a political activist, Sheikh Farahat Ramadan a court lawyer, Dr. Mohamed Abdo Imam, a Professor of Sharia and Law at Al-Azhar University, Islamic researcher Khaled Mohamed Al-Shafi'e and Gamal Sultan, Editor-in-Chief of Al-Manar Al-Gadeed magazine and Board Chairman of Al-Mesreyun (The Egyptians) Newspaper.