The Authenticity Party (Al-Assala Party)

Al-Assala Party is a Salafi party that demands the implementation of Islamic Sharia Law. It was established in July 2011 with Adel Afify Abdel-Maqsood being appointed as President of the Party. The party came about after a number of disputes within the Al-Fadila (Virtue) Party that caused it to split into two parties.

General Economic and Political Orientation

The Party believes that the state should adopt the parliamentary system with the cabinet being responsible for running the country’s affairs while subject to to parliamentary control. The President of the Republic of Egypt and the Prime Minister should hold office by separate elections with the legislative, executive and judicial powers of the state being completely independent.

Regarding economics, the Party has called for a system that achieves social justice without defining exactly what form that will take other than saying it will include a minimum and maximum wage and public-private state projects that will avoid state monopolisation.


Quotes from the party manifesto:

“Change the secular system into an Islamic system using the rules of Islamic Sharia which guarantees the rights of everyone (Muslims and non-Muslims) and ensures justice, equality and dignity for the people.”

“Enact strong legislation that criminalises state corruption and abuse of power and penalises any violations of these principles”

“Cancellation of all forms of extraordinary state courts and in order to try all civilians via the normal judicial procedures”

“The neutrality of the executive authority should be guaranteed in state law. Thus Presidents, Prime Ministers or Ministers should resign from their respective parties whilst in office.”

“We call for the cancellation of any state veto in the UN Assemblies.”

“International and national state agreements must be revised to ensure their benefit to the economic and political rights of the Egyptian people.”

“A minimum wage to be imposed in the public sector in order to guarantee a minimum standard of living. Moreover, a maximum wage should also be imposed in the public sector to prevent the mis-allocation of resources of the state.”

“The Egyptian economy must not rely on state subsidies that may adversely affect Egypt’s economic or political decisions.”

“Cancellation of all taxes to instead impose a fixed percentage (zakat or almsgiving) so that equality of opportunity is guaranteed amongst all”

“The creation of an Islamic Arab common market in which taxes and customs are reduced working towards a unified currency amongst all Arab Islamic states”

“Reduce the availability of free education to 25% of the population for those coming from backgrounds of extreme economic deprivation. The remaining 75% who will pay for their education to be more incentivised to succeed to aim for better job opportunities.”

“Freedom of expression for all while refraining from libel and slander”


About the Party

The Executive Bureau of the Party comprises a group of young Salafis including Ihab Sheiha, Mahmoud Sultan, Yamen Ahmed, Mohamed Al-Na’ei, Shereif Essam, Mohammed 'Abd Rab El-Nabie, Mustafa Taha and Hani Fawzy.

The Party’s authorities include Dr. Mohammed Abdel-Maqsood, Sheikh Mustafa Mohammed, Sheikh Mamdouh Gaber and Dr. Mohammed 'Abdel-Sallam.

The Party is supported by a number of religious Sheikh's including Sheikh Mohammed Hassaan, Sheikh Nash’at Ahmed, Sheikh Yasser Borhami, Sheikh Mohammed Youssry, Sheikh Khaled Abdel-Moneim, Sheikh Khaled Saqr, Sheikh Sa'ad Mustafa, Sheikh 'Alaa Sa'eed and Sheikh Mos'aad Anwar.