The Building and Development Party (Al-Benaa Wal Tanmeya)

The Islamic Group announced the establishment of this political party in June 2011. The founding undersecretaries are: Dr. Tarek Al-Zomor, Dr. Safwat Abdel Ghany, Shathly Al-Sagheer and Ashraf Tawfik.

General Economic and Political Orientation

The party calls for what it terms a 'Consultative (Shura) Democratic State', which is a Parliamentary system representing all citizens without exception, based upon the institutions of state and not on any form of theocratic rule.

Regarding economics the party advocates an open free economy to develop the economic institutions and principles of Islamic Sharia, while re-examining the state subsidies for energy and food commodities.

Quotes from the Party manifesto:

"No identity or representation other than the Islamic identity may be imposed to appease elites or foreign states. While the majority of the nation will take an Islamic identity, this does not banish the religious identity of non-Muslims."

"Adherence to International Human Rights should have its place in internal Egyptian law, so long as it does not contradict Sharia Law."

About the Party

The Party is considered the political wing of the Islamic Group. Its members include five Coptic Egyptians, who have been presented to the Party Affairs Committee.

Its members include Dr. Safwat Abdel Ghany, member of Islamic Group's Shura Council; Shathly Al-Sagheer and Ashraf Tawfik, one of the leaders of the Islamic Group.