Democratic Front (Gabha Democratiyya) Party

This liberal party was established in May 2007. Its president is Dr. Osama Al-Ghazaly Harb.

The party's website is


General political and economic orientation

The party calls for the establishment of a democratic civil state in which the presidency is separate from the executive authority exercised by the Cabinet.

The party believes in economic freedom, market mechanisms, and free enterprise as a basis for the organisation of the national economy.


Quotes from the party manifesto

"… the right to peaceful protest and strikes within the limits of general order and behavior."

"Elected local councils are the supreme powers in their local jurisdictions."

"Creating apparatuses to sponsor the arts without provoking a sense of authoritarianism and totalitarian control."


About the party

The Parties' Affairs Committee approved the establishment of the Democratic Front Party on 24 May 2007. Dr. Yehia Al-Gamal was chosen as its president and Osama Al-Ghazaly Harb as its vice president. Internal conflicts began in less than three months when former Minister of Administrative Development Aly El-Selmy resigned that September. Several members quit in solidarity. Skirmishes over the party's presidency followed between Al-Ghazaly and Mohamed Anwar Al-Sadat. An election was held: Al-Ghazaly became president and the writer Sakina Fouad became his vice president.

The party announced a boycott of the 2010 elections after the government did not respond to opposition demands to ensuring fair elections by cancelling the state of emergency and conducting voting by ID cards.