Egyptian Communist (Sheewaai) Party

This political party takes Marxism-Leninism as the theoretical basis for its ideology and politics. Established in 1922, the party has been an active secret party since 1924. After the 25 January Revolution the party was brought back to political life on May 1, 2011.

The party issues a periodical irregularly called 'Al-Intisar' (Victory).

The party's website is


General economic and political orientation

The party calls for a parliamentary republic in which the President and the Vice President are elected directly and freely. In addition, the party calls for decentralisation of local government through the participation of members of the community the management and organisation of their affairs. The party calls for establishing a communist society that "provides equal opportunities for all citizens in the fields of education, health, housing, employment and other services"(1) involving minimum and maximum wage limits, and eliminating policies on privatisation of public companies and services.


Quotes from the party manifesto

"Fighting for the halting of privatisation policies, to stop the sale of the remaining public sector companies, and to address plans to sell main banks and insurance companies."

"Fighting for the independence of a trade and professional union movements, the freedom of forming unions, and respect for relevant international agreements and conventions."

"… the need to lift administrative and legal restraints on the freedom of non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and civil society organisations and the freedom of their activities."

"Fighting to changing development policies which have resulted in disasters. Calling for new development policies based primarily on the individual and that meet the basic needs of the general public and mass producers."

"Developing a national plan aimed at self-sufficiency for Egypt through vertical and horizontal expansion in agricultural crops such as wheat, cotton, corn and grains."


About the party

The party was established in 1922 as the first communist party in the Arab world and Africa. It worked publicly for two years then it became a secret party in 1924. It was re-established in 1975 after it was dissolved in the mid-60s as per a decision by the party's leaders who were in the prisons of the Nasser era. Many of the party's members were not known owing to the secret nature of their work. Members include Hamada Al-Kashef, member of the executive office of the Revolution Coalition [Party]; Salah Adly Al-Amin, party's undersecretary; social researcher Essam Shaaban; Bahiga Hussein, journalist in Al-Ahaly newspaper; and journalist Rehab Al-Shathly.