Egyptian Social Democratic (Misry Democrati Egtimaee) Party

The Egyptian Social Democratic Party, founded on July 3, 2011, balances between liberalism and socialism. Its board of trustees consists of Dr. Mohamed Abou El-Ghar, Dr. Mohamed Ghoneim, Dr. Emad Gad, and the writer Hazem El-Bablawy.



General political and economic orientation

The party calls for “a hybrid presidential-parliamentary system” so that the distribution of authority is equal between both. However, the president would not have the power to dissolve the People’s Assembly; the president is instead under its oversight.

The party calls for an economic system which adheres to the mechanisms of the free market with the state fulfilling its responsibilities in oversight and the maintenance of order.


Quotes from the party manifesto

“Restructuring of the police force into a civic force established by the people, charged with upholding the law and under the authority of the Interior Ministry.”

“The development of control mechanisms on subsidisation and decreasing energy subsidisation. Economic establishments should be held accountable for their consumption and a maximum limit should be set for the consumer of subsidised energy inside cities.”

“Support for the newly established and independent trade unions.”

“The amendment of workers’ wages in both the private and public sectors through minimum wages negotiated by trade unions, business owners, and the state.”


About the party

Prominent members of the party include Dr. Mohamed Ghoneim, surgeon; Dawood Abdel Sayed, director; Dr. Hazem El-Beblawy; Mohamed Zahran, publisher; Mr. Emad Gad, researcher; Dr. Mohamed Abou El-Ghar; Dr. Mohamed Nour Farahat, law professor; and Dr. Mervet El-Telawy.