Free Egypt (Misr Al-Hurra) Party

Free Egypt is a political liberal party that announced its establishment in March 2011. The founders' undersecretary is Dr. Abdullah El-Ashaal.


General political and economic orientation

The party calls for a civil state, which applies parliamentary democracy where the President is honorary, oversees the implementation of the constitution and intervenes in case of disagreement among the available parties.

On the economic level, the party calls for rebuilding the economy on the basis of social justice, rebuilding an industrial base, and rehabilitating the agricultural sector.


Quotes from the party manifesto

“Closing ports of corruption using awareness and punishment, asserting the sanctity of public funds and public office as money and position that are the property of the community, which allow the government to put the required regulations to make use of that money.”

“Rehabilitating state agencies according to the law and without oppression; having a state based on satisfaction, compatibility, and acceptance and that enjoys the legitimacy of the voter, the law and safe performance and penalisation.”

“All aid and political donations given to the State should be stopped, whilst maintaining and deepening international relations and fruitful international co-operation based on higher national interests. Creating an integrated humane society that grows above the domination and brutality of globalisation.”

“Creating an independent ministry concerned with the Nile River affairs. Its mission is to guarantee Egypt’s portion of the Nile in co-ordination with relevant ministries.”

“Rehabilitating marginalised provinces, remote villages, Sinai, the Western Desert, Nubia, Halaib and Shalatin.”

“Addressing the issue of unemployment with urgent solutions in an economic, social, political framework guaranteeing all members of society the right to work and equal wages.”