Freedom Egypt (Masr al Hurreya) Party

The Freedom Egypt Party is a liberal political party. The intention to form this party was announced in May 2011. Dr. Amr Hamzawy is its authorized representative.



General political and economic orientation

The party calls for the establishment of a civil state in which power is distributed via the ballot box at national and local levels. The party asserts that the foundations of a democratic state require the enforcement of law in a way that guarantees full equality between Egyptians, as well as checks between legislative, executive, and judicial authorities in order to prevent any abuse in the exercise of power. Moreover, there should be a parliament for legislation and an executive government between which the president remains an arbiter.

The party’s economic position is based on the principle of freedom of economic activity; it strives to apply a system of market economics committed to principles of social justice. The party also calls for giving the state an important role in controlling market mechanisms in order to correct market imperfections and monopolistic practices.


About the party

The most famous members are George Ishaq and Amr Hamzawy. The party has an advisory committee that includes George Ishaq, former general coordinator of Kefaya Movement; Nasser Amin, director of the Arab Centre for the Independence of the Judiciary and Legal Profession and member of the National Council for Human Rights; Khaled Al-Khameisy, novelist; Wael Abdel-Fatah, journalist/writer; Ashraf El-Baroudy, president of Alexandria Appellate Court; and Dr. Ahmed Ghoneim, dean of the faculty of administration at Modern Sciences University in Cairo and professor of marketing and advertising at Cairo University.