The New Tomorrow (Al Ghad al Gadeed) Party

This liberal party announced its establishment on 16 August 2011. The founders' undersecretary is Dr. Ayman Nour, a presidential candidate.

The party’s website is also Nour’s own,


General political and economic orientation
The party calls for the establishment of a civil state, through which the people rule themselves via direct elections. This state would adopt decentralisation as a means of governing the provinces and adopt the complete separation of the three powers: legislative, executive, and judiciary.

The party calls for a “free social and economic system” which liberates the economy from state limitations while also allowing the government to intervene to ensure social justice, as long as the interventions are subject to market mechanisms.


Quotes from the party manifesto

“We call for the cancellation of the Ministry of Justice and the transferral of its jurisdictions to the Supreme Judicial Council.”

“The party believes in reviewing fields that are subject to market regulations and commercial standards but are especially sensitive to social factors. Reviewing these fields will allow the state to partially withdraw in a way that does not have a harmful effect on the social level.”


About the party

The Al-Ghad Al-Gadeed is an extension of the old Al-Ghad Party, which Nour and a group of activists—most prominent among them Moussa Mostafa and the businessman Walid Riyad—established on 27 October 2004.
Nour ran for president in the 2005 elections as a candidate of the old party; he came in second. In the same year, the party was divided into two: one part was headed by Ayman Nour and the other by Moussa Mostafa.

Nour was sent to prison in 2006 for allegedly forging membership applications for the Al Ghad Party. He was released under a health pardon in February 2009.

Nour filed a lawsuit to conclude the dispute between him and Mostafa over the old Al Ghad Party.