Justice Party (Al Adl) Party

The Justice Party is one of a number of parties established following the recent Egyptian revolution. It obtained the approval of the Party Affairs Committee on the June 26, 2011. The party has a co-ordinating committee that consists of Dr.Ahmed Shokry, AbdelMonem Aly, Mohammed Hafez, Dr. Mostafa El Naggar and Hesham Akram. This situation is underway until their first internal elections in April 2012.

The party's website: http://wwww.eladl.org


General political and economic orientation

In the first phase after the revolution, the party calls for the continuation of the presidential regime but with limited powers of the president, till the establishment of political parties and the revival of the partisan map. This should allow a convenient base for partisan competition that paves the way for a real parliamentary regime.

On the economic level, the party aims to establish a free economy system where both local and foreign private sectors are major actors in achieving its goals. In this system, the state plays the role of the observer, catalyst and regulator.


Quotes from the party manifesto

"Expanding elections to executive branch on all levels (mayors, district presidents, local councils, governors, universities, clubs and student unions...etc.)"


"Freedom of religious belief, protection of the rights of practicing religious rituals and the freedom of publicity as long as it does not conflict with the beliefs of others, with laws regulating the means of publicity, its funding and places. Religious institutions should be independent of the state financially and administratively, and should be free to work within the frame of civil society but not in politics."

"Establishing a free economy system that aims at providing social justice, balanced growth and equal opportunities to all Egyptians."

"Dependence on new and renewable sources of energy which have a great potential in Egypt."

"Establishing an independent body to observe the performance of national media institutions to ensure its independence and the maintenance of the values of the society.”