Egyptian Knana (Quiver) Party

It announced its establishment in 2009 then re-announced it after the January 25 Revolution 2011. It is still under construction. Its President is Ashraf Zaky Barouma.

Party's website:

The Party issues an electronic journal called AlKnana online at:


General political and economic orientation

The party calls for the establishment of a political system based on free elections and on the separation of the three authorities, namely: the legislative, the executive and the judicial authorities.

On the economic level, the party calls for the free trade system which allows freedom for individuals, while the government intervenes to organise, control and ensure social justice. The system comes from an industrial base by establishing specialised and integrated industrial Egyptian cities.

Quotes from the Party manifesto

"Complete freedom of religion and opinion of whatever kind."

"The complete restructuring of the Egyptian agricultural system with a plan to cultivate five million new feddans within a specific and studied period of time for various kinds of food crop development."

"Transforming the economy into an industrial one by establishing specialised and integrated industrial cities for products that can compete in the international market."


About the Party

Party members include Engineer Ashrab Zaky Barouma who is Board Chairman of the Khaliji Company for Training and Party President the journalists Maher Abbas and Heba Abdel Rahman.