The New Delegation (Al Wafd Al Gadeeed) Party

The New Delegation is a liberal political party, whose current president is Dr. Al Sayed Al Badawy. It was established by Fouad Serageddin in 1978 under the name of "Al Wafd Al Gadeed Party." 

 The party has a newspaper entitled "Al Wafd" and its website is

General political and economic orientation

The party calls for a parliamentary system, limiting the powers of the state president and removing restrictions from the political and partisan activities.

According to party principles, reinforcing economic development comes through establishing neoliberal principles of freeing markets, and maintaining the regulatory role of the state in some economic activities.

Quotes from the party manifesto

"The president of the state is entrusted with traditional authorities in the parliamentary systems without being an absolute governor, which means decisive limitations of his authorities as a referee among the three powers. He should be fully excluded from the presidency of any party."

"The parliament is the legislative authority responsible for legislation and observing, checking and withdrawing confidence from the executive authority (the government) if it deviates from constitutional legitimacy..."

About the party



The New Delegation party is considered an extension of Al Wafd (Delegation) party that was established by Saad Zaghloul. In 1918, Zaghloul decided to form an Egyptian delegation to travel to London and negotiate with the British government to evacuate its forces that were colonising Egypt at that time.

Al Wafd was the governing party in Egypt before the Revolution of the July 23, 1952. In January 1953, the revolution dissolved all parties including Al Wafd, The party did not resume its political activity until 1978 during the rule of President Mohammed Anwar Al Sadat who allowed political pluralism. Then the party named itself Al Wafd Al Gadeed (the New Delegation). Al Wafd Al Gadeed ran in many parliamentary elections. The most notable of these elections were in 1984, in which Al Wafd allied with the Muslim Brotherhood and won 57 seats. The party boycotted the elections of 1990 and the run-off of 2010, among other opposition parties, in protest to rigging of results.

During presidential elections of 2005, Noman Gomaa was nominated by the party. He came in third place after Hosni Mubarak and Ayman Nour.