The Modern Egypt Party. (Misr El Hadytha)

The Modern Egypt Party is a liberal party founded in July 2011. Its President is Dr. Nabil De’bes.



General economic and political orientation

The party calls for a political system that is based on a compromise between the Presidential and Parliamentary constitutional systems. It calls for not putting all jurisdictions in the hands of the President and for the peaceful transition of power in adherence to to the provisions of the Constitution. This will be achieved without prejudice to the main legal constitutional principle of Islamic Sharia Law as the main source of legislation.

Regarding economics, the party demands a free economic liberal system, where the state will base its control on scientific, practical rationale away from bureaucratic complications.


Quotes from the Party manifesto

“Respecting all treaties and international conventions that Egypt has signed”.

“Assuring the universal right to peaceful protest for all categories of Egyptian society including the right to strike, to call and hold public meetings. Responsible governing authorities should provide the means to facilitate this universal right."

“Assuring the restructuring of the state administrative system allowing all party members to rise to leadership positions regardless of background."

“Revise Egypt's policy towards the United States and rid itself of its dependence on US Aid, which has dominated policy and decision making in the country for many years."


About the party

The members of the party include Dr. Nabil De’bes, Dean of the Modern Academy for Computer Sciences and Management Technology and a member of the dissolved National Democratic Party Dr. Osama Mohamed.