The New Middle (Al Wasat Al Gadeed) Party

The New Middle Party has an Islamic background. It was established on February 19, 2011 and its president is Abou Elela Mady.

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General political and economic orientation 

The party adopts the idea of establishing a civil state with an Islamic background that believes in Islam as a political system of governance based on citizenship. Therefore, there should be no discrimination among citizens because of religion, gender, colour, ethnicity or wealth in all rights, obligations, appointment in public positions or guardianships including the presidency of the republic.

The party adopts a system that is based on economic freedom with the state setting policies governing the workings of the market, achieving social justice, protecting the environment, building and constant maintenance of infrastructure.


Quotes from the party manifesto

"Complete equality between women and men in political and legal liability: the only criterion for taking positions and public responsibilities like the judiciary and state presidency is efficiency, qualification and ability to fulfil the responsibilities of the position."

"It is necessary for arts to be liberal and open, but this does not mean that art forsakes values under the slogan of 'art for art's sake.' And it does not mean that artistic creativity is an absolute with no consideration for society, and human or moral values. It is necessary to balance between encouraging arts, fine arts and creativity on the one hand, and committing to the social values on the other."


About the party


The beginnings of the party date back to 1995, when a group of youth belonging to different Islamic movements, notably the Muslim Brotherhood, wrote a party manifesto with the intention of transferring the project Arab-Islamic civilisation to political life. The idea went through repeated stages of recurrent rejection from the Party Affairs Committee, followed each time by attempts to crystallize views that set the party apart from the Muslim Brotherhood, and expand the base of party founders to include more women, Copts and distinguished intellectuals. The party’s campaign ended by obtaining an approval of the Party Affaris Committee (in the State Council) which allowed its establishment in February 2011 immediately after the ouster of President Hosni Mubarak.

Prominent members of the party include Dr. Salah AbdelKarim; Dr. Adel Abadeer, professor in Damietta University and Dr. Fouad George, director of Port Said hospital.