Reform and Renaissance (Eslah we Nahda) Party

It is an Islam-oriented party which was established on July 17, 2011. Its founder is Hisham Mostafa Abdel Aziz, a researcher.

The party’s website


General economic and political orientation

The party calls for a civic state which follows the system of a semi-presidential republic with clear specialisations among its main associations, a state based on the rule of law and division of power between the three main authorities: legislative, executive, and judiciary.

The party calls for adopting a market economy strategy with all its mechanisms and institutions to avoid state intervention in economic activities. The state’s role would be to organise and monitor and this system which relies on good governance, privatisation and the promotion of individual freedom.


Quotes from the party manifesto

“Reviewing articles pertaining to the president’s authorities to guarantee a restructuring of authority in Egypt and to minimise the president’s authorities. Achieving an equilibrium between the three authorities with relative dominance of the legislative authority over the executive authority so that it may monitor the latter’s performance and hold it accountable. Drafting a new law for the judiciary authority to guarantee its complete independence, both financially and administratively, preventing direct interference in its affairs through the executive authority of the President and Minister of Justice.”

“Freedom of religious belief for monotheistic religions and the freedom to practice religious rituals.”

“Sensible privatisation is the engine that will drive the process of building a strong economic structure.”

“Preventing privatisation in sensitive sectors that relate to basic needs of the public, such as water, electricity, and security and other sectors relating to Egyptian national security.”

“Establishing a powerful regional alliance among pivotal Middle Eastern nations such as Turkey and Saudi Arabia.”

“Increasing the tax exemption limit to include the lower levels of the middle class, along with the implementation of the principle of progressive taxation.”

“Seeking to end the Arab-Israeli conflict, and maintaining historical rights without overlooking realistic developments. Foreign Egyptian policy must place itself in charge of ending the Palestinian division.”

“Trade and political relations should not be allowed to influence the media or restrict its freedom in transmitting information and accurate news. Moreover, media exploitation of citizens must be prevented and legal rules must be reviewed to prohibit the monopoly of media institutions and to guarantee their trustworthiness.”

“Encouraging women to engage in party affairs and to have and active role in politics.”

“Reconsidering central government’s structure of surveillance of local governments keeping it in line with local administrations’ policies.”

“Removing any constitutional constraints preventing prosecution of deputies and ministers, while limiting deputies and ministers’ immunities to their speeches and political views during parliamentary activities.”

“The law’s sovereignty must be based on the principles of international justice and human rights along with social roots and national sentiment while respecting particularities of Egypt’s cultural identity. Putting into consideration that the Islamic Sharia is the foremost authority for a Muslim state, as stated in the Egyptian Constitution, so that Egypt may be a state governed by law which would enable it to attain a respectable status in the international community.”

“Lowering the candidacy age to 25 years old. Young people will thus effectively participate in the democratic process and young groups encouraged to bear responsibility in managing the country.”

“Lifting the ban from all websites which are not in violation of the constitution and the law, while combating cyber espionage and the breach of individual privacy.”


About the party

Among the party members are journalist Amr Nabil, Dr. Mohamed Ahmed Kareem Ahmed, Professor at the Faculty of Education, Alexandria University and social activist Ayman Morsy.

Among the party members are journalist Amr Nabil, Dr. Mohamed Ahmed Kareem Ahmed, Professor at the Faculty of Education, Alexandria University and social activist Ayman Morsy.