Revolution Egypt (Masr el Thawra) Party

This party was founded in July 2011. Its president is Mahmoud Mahraan.

The party's website is


General political and economic orientation

The party calls for the establishment of a presidential parliamentary system in which functions are distributed through a freely-elected president as well as a freely-elected parliament. It also calls for setting ground rules for sharing authority and forming an independent judiciary system.

The party calls for the establishment of a free economic system where the state intervenes to prevent the monopolisation and control of a certain segment of the economy.


Quotes from the party manifesto

“Providing real job opportunities to young people which permit them to lead a decent life, through a minimum wage (1200 L.E.) and a new wage structure while setting a maximum wage rate which does not exceed twenty times the minimum.”

“Rethinking slums as centers to be beautified, rather than repellent wastelands, through the use of science and engineering.”

“Attending to energy needs starting with wind and solar power then moving on to nuclear power which we take as a political stance seeing that political will is the key factor in this field.”

“Prosecuting officials involved in the looting of the country's riches and considering the integration of the dissolved party's youth (regular members) among the other sections of society as they are helpless Egyptian citizens who are not accountable for their superiors’ actions.”

“Preserving the Nile from any contamination and putting it to optimal use by reducing waste and recycling it through simple scientific procedures.”

“Implementing new insurance and pension laws which feature the gains and address shortcomings of existent laws to create a stable life for those that receive pensions.”


About the Party

Among the party members are engineer Mahmoud Mahraan, deputy founder of the Revolution Egypt Party and chief of staff, Pilot Abdel Ra'fee Darwish and Mohamed Magdy Saleh, councillor of international arbitration.