The Socialist Popular Alliance (Al-Tehalaf al Shaabi al Eshtraky) Party

The formation of the leftist Socialist Popular Alliance Party was announced on March 12, 2011. The group is comprised of various leftist groups including the Trotskyites, the remnants of the People’s Party, and the Jan 8 Movement, as well as a large number of former members of the National Progressive Unionist Party who resigned after several failed motions of no confidence against its president, Ref’aat El-Sa’eed. Its representative is the former Member of Parliament for the National Progressive Unionist Party, Abo Elez El-Hariry.



General political and economic orientation

The party calls for the establishment of a civic, parliamentary state with a single representative council that has widespread influence on and oversight of military expenditures. The party also seeks the transformation of local administrations to local governments with real powers.

The party calls for an economic model which consists of three sectors: a public sector which falls under popular oversight, a cooperatives’ sector in the fields of industry and agriculture, and a non-monopolistic private sector.


Quotes from the party manifesto

“The assertion of the civic nature of the police force and its restructuring under a political, civic leadership. The fulfilment of its oversight by judicial and civic agencies and the public. Prohibition against new security establishments which act as a substitute for the former state security apparatus.”

“The establishment of a maximum wage which does not surpass fifteen times the minimum wage.”

“The amendment of all legislations which discriminate against women, especially in family law.”

“The severance of all diplomatic relations with the State of Israel. The end of all forms of public and cultural normalisation with Israel, paired with efforts for its international isolation.”


About the party

Party members include Dr. Ibrahim El-Essawy; Son’allah Ibrahim, novelist; Dr. Mostafa Kamel El-Sayed, political science professor; Abdel Ghafar Shokr, leftist leader; Dr. Kamal Mogheith, psychologist and education expert; Fathy Embaby, novelist; Khaled El-Sawy, actor; and Taiseer Fahmy, actor; as well as Dr. Sayed El-Bahrawy, Dr. Fatma Khafagy, Dr. Amina Rasheed, and Helmy Shaarawy, university professors.