The Arab Democratic Nasserist Party (Al Arabi Al Nasseri)

The Arab Democratic Nasserist Party is the party representing the nationalist Nasser ideology in Egypt. It was established after a decision by the Supreme Administrative Court on 19 April 1992. It was founded by Deaa El-Deen Dawood and its President is Sameh 'Ashour.

The Party issues Al-Araby Newspaper to be found online at


General Economic and Political Orientation

The party calls for a political system that is based on intellectual and organisational pluralism which permits the circulation of power without the monopolisation of authority. It rejects what it calls "American hegemony in the UN,'' and rejects the Camp David Agreement and all other forms of present relations with Israel.

The Party calls for the re-adoption of an economic system based on socialist principles including the expansion of the public sector under the supervision of the state while the private sector retains an auxiliary role. According to its vision, rising prices of basic goods should be confronted by self-sufficiency in agricultural production. Moreover, it demands state supervision with the banking system in order to protect national independence.


Quotes from the Party Manifesto

“Cancelling free markets reforms of President Mubarak and the re-adoption of an economic system based on socialist principles”.

“Expansion of the public sector under the supervision of a strong regulatory state.”

“Settling the Palestinian cause by expelling occupying forces from all Arab lands.”

“Rejecting the normalisation of relations with Israel.”


About the Party

The Party adopts the ideas and principles of President Gamal 'Abdel-Nasser. It considers that basic problems facing Egypt nowadays are not much different from the challenges Egypt faced in the 1960s and 1970s.

The Party didn’t win any seats in the latest parliamentary elections in 2010 although it nominated 61 candidates to compete for 12% of the seats.

Members of the Party include Dr. Muhammad Abou El-'Ella, Ex-Vice President of the Party, and Sa'eed Gom'aa who is a member of the Political Bureau of the Party.