The Arab Party for Justice and Equality (El Hezb el Araby lil Adel wel Mosawa)

Founded in July 2011, the Arab Party for Justice and Equality is first party to involve Arab tribes from Sinai and Upper Egypt politically in an organization. Fareeg Rashed is the party president.

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General economic and political orientation

The party calls for the establishment of a political system based on a the rule of law, where the state in turn guarantees the right of peaceful transfer of authority through free and fair elections and sets a maximum time frame for the occupation of key positions of political power.

The party also calls for the application of a market economy which is not detrimental to social justice and a clear economic policy, including the implementation of investment law, progressive tax laws, and minimum and maximum wage laws with complete involvement from both the public and private sectors.


Quotes from the party manifesto

“Affirming freedom of religious belief and protecting the right of all to practice religious rituals.”

“Respecting the right of a peaceful transfer of power through free and elections and the need for setting of a maximum time frame for the occupation of key positions of political power.”

“Abolishment of all exceptional laws and the affirmation of general freedoms, thus affirming every citizen’s right to be tried in front of their natural judge.”

“Passing a policy on the attaining of all positions through elections with special emphasis on positions involving direct relations with the people (such as sheikhs, mayors, governors, university presidents and faculty deans).”

“The endorsement of political and intellectual pluralism with an emphasis on respecting the freedom of press and media and repealing laws restricting them, taking into consideration that they are one of the popular authorities that monitor the state's institutions and handlers.”

“Laying down a clear, fair, and transparent economic policy which guarantees economic advancement for the nation without being detrimental to social justice. This will be achieved by enacting laws and financial regulations suited to the economic state and which would guarantee its gradual and steady rise. (Among these laws are investment law, progressive tax laws, minimum and maximum wage laws).”

“The revival of the Sinai reconstruction project and similar projects in places like Matrouh, El-Saloum, Wadi El-Gadeed in order to benefit from their resources and to raise their inhabitants' standards of living and in preparation of the transfer of millions of people there as a necessity for national security to secure Egypt against any potential external threats.”

“The reduction of government expenditure by preventing over-spending on government publicity, cutting down expenses of festivals and receptions, reviewing car expenses of presidential and government bodies, government agencies, parks, and palaces and also cutting down expenses of advertising and public relations in ministries.”

“Emphasising self-sufficiency, which by necessity calls for the integration of Arab economies. Therefore, it is vital to seriously aim at achieving these in all fields especially food and grain production.”

“Having an allowance for the unemployed who do not have employment opportunities or are unable to work due to health problems, while making sure that this allowance reaches those who deserve it, preventing money from being wasted, which will not benefit citizens.”

“Placing a mandatory tariff on main products and ensuring its application through monitoring and popular entities and the activation of the role of a Consumer Protection Agency, including the activation of a law against monopolies which leave no room for trading, and control the people's livelihood for personal gain without regard to the social dimension.”

“Declassifying reports of state monitoring agencies, especially those of the Central Auditing Organization and the Administrative Surveillance Agency and revealing of the true wealth of the top officials.”


About the party

Among the party members are Councilor Mohamed Dakheel and Councilor Mohamed Aly Mobarak, the party's General Secretary, and Hasballah El-Kafrawy, former Minister of Housing.