Civilisation (Al-Hadara) Party

Mohamed Al-Sawy announced the party's establishment in April 2011. The founders’ undersecretary is Hatem ‘Azzam.

The party’s website is 


General political and economic orientation

The party seeks to establish a semi-presidential republic in which the Islamic Sharia is the main source of legislation. Christian Egyptians would have the right to apply the regulations of their own religious law in personal matters.

The party calls for the application of investment-attracting free market economics and the creation of free competition. The party sees the role of the state as an organiser, legislator, and motivator. Additionally, the state should set a minimum and maximum wage. 


Quotes from the party manifesto

"Running for president should be the right of every citizen; there is no difference between Muslims and Christians, men or women."

"There can be no combining of a parliamentary membership and any other executive work in the state. The police force is a civil apparatus that should serve and guard the public, apply the laws and regulations of the judiciary, support decentralisation, increase the authority of governorate and local jurisdictions, and have its own financial resources."

"Independence of religious institutions from the state, and the use of elections as a means to selecting their leaders."

"Regulated rapid transformation from a yield economy to a productive economy; allowing free competition and expanding the participation base. The state is to act as an organiser, legislator, and motivator, as well as provide infrastructure." 


About the party

Party members include
Mohamed Al-Sawy, an engineer and the board chair of the Sawy Culture Wheel; Amr Helmy, a designer; Hatem Khater, a rights activist; Amr Othman, a human development expert; and Mamdouh Qotb, a general; Hatem ‘Azzam, party undersecretary.