The National Progressive Unionist (Tagammo’ El Shaab El Eshtraky) Party

The National Progressive Unionist Party, commonly referred to as Tagammu, is one of the most prominent of Egypt’s leftist parties. It was founded in 1976; its current president is Dr. Ref’aat El-Sa’eed.

The party publishes the Al-Ahaly newspaper,


General political and economic orientation

The party calls for a democratic and parliamentary state where the People’s Assembly is granted true powers to monitor the government, remove its members through motions of no confidence, and amend the state’s budget. The party also seeks the autonomy of judicial authority and the termination of all forms of exceptional judiciary.

The party calls for the maintenance of a powerful state capable of protecting citizens from economic exploitation.


Quotes from the party manifesto

“The belief that popular participation in decision-making is true democratic rule and therefore should be spread across all levels so that the people may run their own affairs and forward their own interests.”

“The empowerment of impoverished people through the attainment of productive assets, the expansion of small businesses, and the provision of funds via a just tax system.”

“The call for an increase in funds allocated to free treatment in public hospitals.”

“The demand for the liberation of the United Nations and such specialized organisations from the domineering attempts of the United States and major capitalist and industrial nations.”


About the party

The party was founded in 1976 with the dissolution of the Socialist Arab League and the return of party politics to Egypt. It was established by a mixed group of leftist interests: socialists, Nasserites, nationalists, liberalists, and communists, the latter of which had the strongest presence among them. Khaled Mohey El-Din, one of the free officers, is considered its founder and historical leader.

Since its inception, the party has participated in all legislative elections but with varying rates of success; it won just six seats in the 2000 elections. The party’s most visible leaders—including Khaled Mohey El-Din, El-Badry Farghaly, and Abo Elez El-Hariry—lost in the elections of 2010.

Prominent members include Hussein Abdel Razek, member of the party’s presidential board; Dr. Samir Sayyad, the party’s vice president; Farida El-Naqqash, editor in chief of Al-Ahaly newspaper; and Gawdat Abdel Khalek, minister of social security in the initial, post-Mubarak government.