The Dignity Party (Al-Karama)

The Dignity Party is an Egyptian arab nationalist party that is still in the process of registration. The legal representative and founder is Amin Iskander. The Party issues 'Al-Karama' newspaper.


General Economic and Political Orientation

At the political level the Party calls for the establishment of a civil state that implements the parliamentary-presidential system while expanding the powers of the Prime Minster in order to practice more effectively its role as executive official.

At the economic level, the Party calls for an economic system made of three sectors; a public sector that is free of bureaucracy and adopts modern administration and scientific planning techniques; a cooperative sector that improves production capabilities and competition and a private sector that is led by national capitalism.


Quotes from the Party manifesto:

“Restructuring security apparatuses and their role in the society, and guaranteeing judicial control. This will prevent the security services from intervening in political life and confine its role of serving its citizens by preserving security and catching criminals.”

“Reviewing local governance law in order to establish a de-centralised system for the Governorates of Egypt. This devolution of power will give local governorates the chance to elect governors and activate the role of elected local councils for the provision of local services.”

“Enacting a minimum and maximum wage, linking wages to prices, establishing governmental and popular control mechanisms for prices, enacting legislation and laws to guarantee consumer protection and adopting an unemployment benefit scheme for those who can’t find employment”

“Implementing a progressive tax scheme while attracting Arab investment and remittances from Egyptians abroad.”

“The Party also introduces the idea of a People’s Parliament which comprises the People’s Assembly members who are not members in the Party itself but want to join the National Parliament.”

“International agreements are to be respected and complied with within the decisions taken in public referendums. Decisions taken may then need revision in order to protect Egypt’s national interests and guarantee its independence.”


About the Party

Hamdein Sabahi, a former Parliamentary member from the Nasserist Democratic Party, seceded from the Nasserist Party after disagreements with Diaa’ El-Deen Dawood its leader. Sabahi applied to the Party Approval Committee and established Al-Karama Party. His application was refused twice in 1999 and 2002.

Al Karama Party competed in the 2005 elections with Mr. Hamdein Sabahi in the district of Al-Borolous and Al-Hamoul, and Mr. Kamal Abou Eyta in the district of Boulak Abou El-Ela. Sabahi won his seat.

In the 2010 elections, the Party entered seven candidates including Hamdein Sabahi. None of them won.

Along with Hamden Sabahi (a potential presidential candidate), party members also include human rights activist Mohammad Abdel-Aziz Salama.