Egyptian Citizen Party (Al-Moaten Al-Misri)

The Egyptian Citizen Party was established on 31 July 2011. Its president is Dr. Salah Hassabullah.


General Economic and Political Orientation

Not clear until now.


Quotes from the Party manifesto:

“Putting the principle of separation of authorities (executive, legislative and judicial) into effect as well as striving to force state bodies (especially the Central Auditing Organisation) to publish all their annual reports in national newspapers. This will give the message of transparency and show the supervisory role of the people without interference from the executive authority.”

“Freedom of belief for all people of religion and absolute freedom in practicing their rituals.”

“Reviving a neglected international, Arab and African nation state identity in striving to revive Egypt’s pioneering strategic role in the region.”

“Freedom of artistic, cultural and literary innovation and research without restrictions or censorship while accepting the limits of national customs and traditions.”


A Brief about the Party

Party membership includes members who left the National Democratic Party (NDP) including Dr. Mohammad Ragab former Secretary General of the NDP, and Ahmed Abou-Hegy former People’s Assembly member. The Legal Representative of its founders is Dr. Sallah Hasabullah who is the President of Resalet Al-Kheir Association in Shubra and was one of the leaders of the NDP in the Governorate of Qalyoubeya.