The Safety and Development Party (Al-Salama Wal Tanmeya)

The Safety and Development Party is a political party with an Islamic term of reference. It announced its establishment in April 2011. Its founder is Under Secretary Dr. Kamal Habib.


General political and economic orientation

The party demands the establishment of a political system in which the judiciary has the upper hand to which all executive authorities, especially security authorities, will answer to. In addition, they call for the removal of the Shura (Advisory) Council and demand that it be replaced with specialised councils.

On the economic level, the party believes in the necessity of respecting individual ownership without contravention. It believes in the intervention of the State so as to restore economic balance. The Party calls for imposing progressive taxes on the rich in favour of the poor and setting a minimum and maximum wage in line with inflation.


Quotes from the Party manifesto:

"Putting the Camp David Accords to public referendum in order to guarantee Egypt complete sovereignty over Sinai and its resources by land, air and sea. Ending immediately the export of natural gas to Israel and insisting on the end to its occupation of all Arab lands."

"Endorsement of the People's Assembly whilst limiting the President's jurisdictions. The President must undergo medical and psychological tests before assuming leadership of the country."

"Expanding the establishment of non-usury banks as a step towards getting rid of the scourge of usury. These banks will be encouraged to fund small youth projects by expanding joint stock companies, reclaiming lands, digging wells and renting reclaimed lands allowing responsible youth to own and use it for small businesses”

"Forming an independent authority to supervise the national media while creating a cultural media council that supervises the Egyptian media."

"Ending mixed sex secondary schools to build a community moralistic society”


About the Party

The Party includes former Jihad leaders such as Sheikh Osama Qassem and Aly Farrag, who have both formerly been emprisoned for life under Mubarak. 

Other members include:
Lawyer Nizar Ghorab; Researcher in Islamic Movement Affairs Kamal Habib; Leader of Fatih Ranks Dr. Mohamed Abd Allah; Syndicate leader Engineer Sayed Hassan;
Dr. Hany Al-Farnawany, Grammar Professor at South Valley University.