The Current Egyptian Party (Al-Tayar Al-Masry)

Al Tayar Al Masry Party is still under construction announcing its establishment in June 2011. The founding undersecretary of the party is Islam Lotfy.

The party's website can be found at


General economic and political orientation

The Party has not announced the political and economic orientation it will adopt. In addition, it has not issued a party manifesto, but it has outlined some of the principles of governance it will adhere to:

Recognise the full individual rights of citizens as well as non-governmental organisations (NGOs) as bodies that will play an active role in consultation over the management of the future state affairs”

“Empower all the politically, economically and socially marginalised groups of society."

“By 2030, the average income in Egypt will be amongst the highest 10 income rates in the world."

“Provide new job opportunities for the large unemployed community to overcome the scourge of poverty in the country”

“Ensure the participation of expatriate Egyptians in the political reconstruction of the country."


About the Party

The Party was established by former Muslim Brotherhood Youth Leaders Islam Lotfy, Mohamed Al-Qassas, Mohamed Abbas and Ahmed Abdel Gawwad. The Party's media spokesperson is Asmaa Mahfouzn who is a former member of the April 6 Youth Movement.