You Are Egyptian (Ant Masry) Party

This political party announced its establishment in March 2011. The founders’ undersecretary is Mohamed Ali Abdel Qader and the general supervisor is journalist Wael Al-Ibrashy.

The party’s website is


General political and economic orientation

The party calls for establishing a civil state based on the principles of the transition of power and the separation of the three authorities, namely: the legislative, the executive and the judicial authorities. The part asserts people’s right to monitor and hold government and executive authority officials as well as the nation’s president accountable for their actions, in addition to questioning them and presenting them before the judiciary and the court.

On the economic level, the party calls for establishing a free market economy, which aims at attracting local and foreign investments.


Quotes from the party manifesto

“Establishing private and free economy areas that do not submit to custom regulations and multiple approvals by government agencies.”

“Extending infrastructure and public utilities to desert areas to attract the private sector and encourage it to create productive as well as service activities.”

“Encouraging farmers to plant important crops such as cotton, wheat, sugarcane and vegetable oil crops to provide the necessary self-sufficiency.”

“Stability of both laws and legislations of economy and taxation.”

“Providing suitable job opportunities for everyone, setting a minimum wage, decreasing the differences in salaries, wages, and health care services, and providing suitable housing.”