Arab Unification (Al Tawheed el Araby) Party

It is a party with an Islamic orientation that declared its establishment in June 2011. It was founded by a group of independents, Islamists, and a number of leaders who broke away from the suspended Labor Party. The party’s general secretary is Mohamed El-Sakhawy and its president is councillor Mahfouz Azam.

The party’s online site is


General economic and political orientation 

The party calls for a presidential system based on consultation and one which allows to impeachment of and confiscation from the president. The duration of presidency should not extend beyond four years and it is renewable only once. The party also calls for the complete separation between legislative, executive, and judiciary authorities.

The party calls for a system founded on a free-market economy where the state monitors and intervenes to prevent any monopoly or exploitation. It also calls for creating an alternative to what they labelled as the interest-based system in bank transactions.


Quotes from the party manifesto

“Women and Copts are represented on the basis of equality in citizenship, rights, and duties through a proportional representation party list as well as through independent candidacy without having a quota for either of them.”

“Respecting political pluralism and the circulation of authority according to the criteria set by the constitution and passed by parliamentary councils and also the assurance of complete judicial supervision over the electoral process.”

“Affirming equality between citizens in the eyes of the law and scoping and limiting presidential or parliamentary immunity. Moreover, respecting court rulings and criminalising anyone who withholds from implementing what is final or must be executed by them.”

“Raising minimum wage in a way that does not result in a direct hike in prices, but would mark a step towards true social reform rather than an inconsequential form of advertising.”

“Reducing presidential and governmental expenditure and its manifestation in palaces, parks, cars, festivals, advertisements, and so on. Moreover, the preparation of a serious study so that the state’s treasury may benefit from the investment on existing palaces and parks.”

“Expediting the study and activating the establishment of a new capital the transfer of governmental agencies and bodies to relieve the current capital of traffic and infrastructure problems.”

“Deducting a percentage of deluxe and exclusive housing budgets across the entire state and individuals in order to increase public housing.”

“Our conflict with [Israel] being a struggle for existence requires us to reject the Camp David treaty as it represents an obstacle in Egypt’s fulfilment of its designated role and because[Israel]’s violation of this treaty enables us to freeze it and the freezing of all forms of normalisation, trade and economic agreements or relationships with it of any kind.”

“Considering the election of governors through a system of direct election by the citizens of each province or indirectly through elected local councils provided that the electoral system takes into consideration each governorate’s unique set of circumstances.”

About the Party

Among the party members are
Dr. Salah Abdel Met’aal, former political council member of the Labour Party; Mohamed El-Damaty, council member of the Lawyer’s Syndicate and reporter of the Egyptian Lawyers’ Freedoms Committee; Sheikh Aly Soliman, an Islamic leader.